Alexandra & Sebastien Lomas

Seb and I started Wonder of Wellness after going through separate ongoing health issues that no one seemed to have an answer for. We were passed around from specialist to specialist (none of whom were joined up) only to be told to either live with recurrent illness and infections or go on long term pain management. We knew there must be something that could be done, so we went on a journey of health and discovery, read just about every research paper, article, book and even developed a case of googleitis until we found the solution that was right for us.

We both had a complete career change as a result and even whilst training as a Dentist and Craniosacral Therapist we were asked by so many friends and family to help and knew there must be so many others who would benefit from our support and learning along the way and so a ‘Wonder of Wellness’ was born.

Everyone is unique and everyone needs a solution that is right for them, we now empower others to find theirs.



Alexandra /Ally is a qualified Cranio-Sacral Therapist, she is also a qualified teacher in Meditation, Baby Massage and Baby Yoga.

She has a passion for understanding emotions and how they impact peoples lives. She found Cranio-Sacral therapy through ongoing headaches and migraines which were relived through Cranio-Sacral therapy (CST) sessions. When she found out the CST could help with processing emotions she knew she had to train in this modality to further understand it and to help others.

She has undergone a two year training course in Cranio-Sacral therapy with College of Cranio-Sacral Therapy (CCST). The first, the largest, and the most established college of Cranio-Sacral Therapy - now in its 33rd year,



Seb has a first class degree in Chemistry and is now a Dental student with a keen interest in integrating holistic health with modern dentistry and wellbeing.