Cranio-Sacral Therapy Testimonials

“Having been diagnosed with ME and Fibromyalgia in October 2017 I began therapy with Ali in early 2018. Day to day my symptoms included chronic fatigue, nausea, migraine, sensitivity to light, muscle and joint paint alongside anxiety and mild depression as a result of 7 weeks off work.

Hesitant at first I went to my first session with an open mind, aware that at this point in my illness anything was worth a shot. Arriving for the session Ali immediately put me at ease, she explained in detail exactly what the therapy entailed and there was plenty of opportunity for questions. The session begin with a general overview of my health, background and current situation. Struggling with migraines the session focused around my head and upper body. Ali was mindful to ensure I was ok throughout the treatment. I felt relaxed and at ease throughout the 45 minute session and could feel tension releasing in my body as Ali worked.

After the session I could instantly feel a change in my body. Its hard to put into words, but I felt as though negative energy I had been holding onto had been released and was migrating around my body. This continued well into the week and I could feel a noticeable difference in the pattern of my headaches/migraines, although still there to some degree, the severity had depleted dramatically.

Session 2 and 3 were much the same, however were focused more on the pain in my lower legs/ankles as this had been causing significant pain on and off since diagnosis. Once again I could instantly feel a difference both during and after the sessions, with pain reducing almost instantly. During the sessions I was very aware that ‘something’ was happening internally – a lot of stomach rumbles and bubbling being the first indicator. Ali put me at ease that this was completely normal and talked me through what was happening, which really made me feel more settled.

Since my last session 1 month ago I have seen a dramatic improvement in my symptoms. I have now completely come off all prescribed medications and although some days I am aware of my illness, more often than not I feel well and happy. This is down in part to the treatment received from Ali. Needless to say I hope to continue working with Ali in the future.”

- Josie Cawdry