Craniosacral Therapy


Alexandra Lomas

Alexandra /Ally is a qualified Craniosacral Therapist, she is also qualified in Meditation as well as Baby Massage and Yoga.

She has a passion for understanding emotions and how they impact peoples lives. She found Craniosacral therapy through ongoing headaches and migraines which were relived through Craniosacral therapy (CST) sessions. When she found out the CST could help with processing and understanding emotions she knew she had to train in this modality to further understand it and to help others. She has undergone a two year training course in Craniosacrall therapy with College of Craniosacral Therapy (CCST). The first, the largest, and the most established college of Craniosacral Therapy - now in its 33rd year,

“I found Craniosacral therapy when I had been told by so many doctors that there was nothing wrong with me, yet deep down i knew there was. I was taking pain killers every single day and was in constant agony with headaches and neck pain. Craniosacral therapy helped me in so many ways, physically, emotionally and spirituality. Through my Craniosacral practice I believe I have truly uncovered the cobwebs that were blocking me from feeling like me.” - Alexandra Lomas

What is Craniosacral Therapy?

Craniosacral Therapy is a very gentle form of touch therapy that supports your body’s innate ability to balance, restore and heal itself, as well as helping to reduce stress and build your underlying energy. The practitioner senses tensions in the body and helps to release them in a supported and comfortable way. During or after a session you may feel calm and energised, with increased clarity of mind and a feeling of well-being.

As we go through life events, accidents and emotional trauma are a ‘normal’ part of this, the body is very intelligent in that it always tries to make situations easier for you to handle and in doing so will store emotions or experiences in the body to be dealt with later. The problem is in today’s society we are busier than ever and even finding the time and space for simple tasks is a luxury, let alone processing something we feel we’ve already dealt with. Over time, these trapped emotions and knocks, bumps and injuries begin to build and layer up and the body never really gets chance to be listened to and share its story. This creates much bigger issues and more persistent emotional patterns or physical pains, issues and even illnesses.

Craniosacral therapy through gentle touch gives the body and body systems the space to process issues. The gentle touch of the practitioner also acts like a listening friend hearing all the stories the body has to tell, this listening is so profound and allows the body the opportunity to let go of things it no longer needs.  

Through ongoing sessions the letting go will deepen and treatment can be really profound in the issues it can help.

Who is it for?

People may come for Craniosacral Therapy because they have acute physical problems like headaches, bad backs, or long-standing problems both physical and emotional. Others come for on-going support in their busy lives and for help to meet life’s challenges.

Because it is so gentle and non-invasive, Craniosacral Therapy is suitable for everyone from newborns to the elderly. Mothers and babies often come for problems associated with difficult or traumatic births. Letting go of these tensions and fears held in the body enables both to settle into calmness.

What does it involve?

Craniosacral treatment is most often carried out with the patient lying down, fully clothed, in a quiet and peaceful environment. Treatment involves a very gentle touch of the practitioner’s hands. This light contact may be taken up on the Cranium (head), the Sacrum (tail-bone), the feet, the trunk, or any other part of the body as appropriate. Treatment is generally experienced as a profound relaxation and reintegration which may pervade the whole person, physically, mentally and emotionally, often accompanied by a feeling of lightness and ease.

Treatment Clinic

Sessions are now available in the Manchester City Centre on Thursdays. Please book using the below.

If you would like to discuss before booking please call 07805063540.

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