Natures Magic Medicine!


I have always loved Essentials Oils as ‘nice smelling things’ but when I had my first sniff of a doTERRA oil I knew these were different, little did I know how different they really are;

  • These pure plant extracts, are the only oils on the planet rated Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade and are so pure that you can take them internally to heal your body from the inside out!

  • They are beyond Organic which means that they don’t use any pesticides on the crops but also they test to make sure that they haven’t been contaminated by any neighboring farmers nasty chemicals.

  • They source the oil where it grown most naturally and abundantly this helps not only the effectiveness of the plant oil but also spreads the wealth by helping farmers all over the world.

  • 40%.of the oils are grown in third world countries and all farmers are paid a salary rather than just on crop production, think about the positive affects this has on these villages, knowing money is regular and wont suddenly vanish if there is a drought and crops cant be produced.

These incredible oils are the most natural and effective way to support your mind, body and soul and have absolutely stolen our hearts and changed almost all aspects of our lives! We use them to; replace toxic cleaning products around our home, changing and choosing what emotions we want to feel, boosting our immune system , creating body loving skin care and so much more…

Wait, I Thought They Were Just For Relaxation?

At first we weren't sure either and just used them as 'nice smelly things', the secret is if you get the right quality oil they can be used in a whole range of beneficial ways, that is why we are here to share our knowledge with you!!

What Ailments Can I Use Essential Oils For?

They can be really impactful on just about anything, in fact there’s a saying amongst oil lovers “there's an oil for that”! Some examples of the type of things they can help with are; easing breathing, relieving headaches, improving sleep, combating aches & pains, improving digestive issues, increasing energy and mood elevation. 

Can I Use Any Essential Oil?

Just like any product, there are always low-quality products and high-quality products and in the case of Essential Oils this is even more key, especially when being used therapeutically! When using these amazing Essential Oils to aid your health and remove toxins from your lifestyle, substituting a plant Essential Oil to a synthetic compound isn’t going to help you achieving any of the great benefits and in some ways you are going against what you've set out to achieve! We only use Organic Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils that have been rigorously tested by not only the manufacturer but also a third party to make sure that you really are getting the best from the plant.

Want To Learn About Natures Gifts?

Please take some time out to read through the below information to get a better understanding of what Essential Oils are, why doTERRA oils are so different and learn the different ways of using them.

We run in person workshops around the country and offer free online 1-2-1’s to discuss what ailments and issues you would like support with and whether these oils can help. If this sounds like something you would love to explore together simply click the button below.

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